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Alumni Connection

Calling all former grad and undergrad students, faculty, staff and friends of the department... we want to hear from you!

What have you been doing since leaving Syracuse University? Feel free to tell us more about your research, your current position, past experiences, or your family life. Contributions to the Chemistry Department Newsletter, the C.U.S.E News, are also always welcomed! Submissions should be sent to by April 1st each year to ensure they are included in the publication each August. Feel free to check out the 2017-18 letter under the News/Events section of the Chemistry website.

By the way - are you receiving your mailed copy of the C.U.S.E News annually? If not, please submit or update your contact information in our system by visiting the Syracuse University College of Arts and Sciences Stay Connected webpage, which allows A&S alumni to easily enter their most current contact information via an online form.