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Graduate Program

Courses and Syllabi

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CHE 533: The Science and Artisanship of Glass

CHE 546: Molecular Spectroscopy and Structure

CHE 575: Organic Spectroscopy

CHE 600: Special Topics  (topics vary by semester; contact department for information)

CHE 611: Inorganic Chemistry

CHE 612: Metals in Medicine

CHE 614: Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

CHE 615: Main Group Chemistry

CHE 616: Solid State Chemistry

CHE 622: Inorganic Laboratory Techniques

CHE 625: Crystallography

CHE 627: Intermediate Organic Chemistry

CHE 635: Physical Cell Biology

CHE 636: Advanced Physical Chemistry

CHE 638: Open Problems in Soft Interfaces

CHE 645: Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry

CHE 674: Structural and Physical Biochemistry

CHE 676: Intro to Org Synth Methodology

CHE 677: Preparation and Analysis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

CHE 678: Perspectives in Biochemistry

CHE 685: Organic Mechanisms

CHE 686: Advanced Organic Synthesis: Design

CHE 690: Independent Study

CHE 799: Seminar in General Chemistry

CHE 997: Master's Thesis

CHE 999: Doctoral Dissertation


BCM 677: Preparation and Analysis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

BCM 678: Perspectives in Biochemistry

BCM 684: Biomolecular Modeling