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November 2013: Prof Houghland recieves 'Best Idea Grant' 

Prof. Hougland awarded a "Best Idea Grant" from the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research foundation to investigate ways to block the enzymes and proteins linked to insatiable appetite in Prader-Willi Syndrome!! (Full Story)

November  2013: In memory of Prof. Don Dittmer
We are sorry to announce that Dr. Don Dittmer, a professor emeritus in Chemistry, died unexpectedly November 26, 2013, at his home in Syracuse, NY.  Don earned his B.S. in chemistry at the University of Illinois, where he graduated in 1950 as co-salutatorian with Bronze Tablet recognition; and his Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1953. After one postdoctoral year at Harvard University, he taught at the University of Pennsylvania from 1954 to 1961. A one-year fellowship at DuPont followed; then Dittmer joined the faculty in our department in 1962 and remained as professor of chemistry until his retirement in 2001. Since then, he had continued research with both undergraduates and with postdoctoral students, using tellurium as an electron-transfer reagent for in solvent-free organic syntheses. His list of publications includes more than 100 scientific articles, many pertaining to organic synthetic methods that utilize compounds of the chalcogenide elements (sulfur, selenium, and tellurium).  
 September 2013: New NMR Instruments installed and in use!!
  Both the new 400 MHz NMR with cryoprobe and the upgraded 300 MHz instruments are up and running. Research groups are being trained on the new 400 and new teaching lab experiments are being run on the 300! Students are taking advantage of the new automated sample changer and data analysis!  Congrats again to the Chemistry led MRI writing team that brought these new instruments to the department, and thanks to NSF, SU, and the College of Arts and Sciences for funding

August 2013: Prof. Doyle Recieves NIH Grant to Study "Orally Effective Therapy" to Fight Obesity
Prof. Doyle has been awarded $221,000 by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at the National Institutes of Health. His project will last for two years, with the option of a third, and will involveChristian L. Roth, a pediatric endocrinologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital. (Full Story) 

 August 2013: Nanoparticles with "Stainless" Interfaces Synthesized
Metal alloys, like stainless steels, can now be prepared at the nanoscale. Prof. Maye and graduate student Wenjie Wu have synthesized one of the first examples of stainless nanoparticles. As reported in Small, the nanoparticles have a core/alloy design, and posses unique oxidation behavior that leads to void formations.   (Full Story)  
 August 2013: Maye Group Design "Smart Nanoparticles" 
Prof. Maye and his research team have developed a new class of "smart nanoparticles" whose surfaces respond to temperature changes. The nanoparticles, which have both temperature sensitive co-polymers and short single stranded DNA strands, change reactivity with temperature due to conformational changes, leading to new self-assembly designs, and controlled release of chemotherapy drugs. (Full Story)  
July 2013: New NMR Instruments arrive at SU Chemistry and await installation!!

In July two new state of the art Bruker Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) instruments were delivered to the Department of Chemistry.  The NMRs were purchased using a NSF-MRI grant to Prof. Phil Borer and Prof. Karin Ruhlandt, and with support from Syracuse University (SU) and the SU College of Arts & Sciences.  The instruments dramatically upgrade our research and teaching NMR capabilities. The first instrument, a Bruker Avance III 400 Mhz, will feature a number of state of the art features that will increase understanding and throughput.  It's CryoProbe will allow for improved sensitivity by a factor of 2-3, and the new automated sampler will allow up to 60 samples being loaded and analyzed without user input 24 hrs/day. It will be used by a number of Chemistry faculty, as well as SU researchers from Engineering and Biology. Researchers from nearby SUNY-ESF, and SUNY-Upstate Medical School will also be users. Some research topics that will be studied using this machine range from Nucleic acid switches and aptamers, to bioactive peptide sensors and natural product synthesis.

The second instrument is a Fourier-300 MHz Bruker that employs our older magnet with all modern electronics and console. It will be used primarily for teaching purposes in Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biological Chemistry and Forensics Science. Students will not only be able to run their own samples, but will be able to analyze the results with the most state of the art Bruker Top-Spin software.  Each year the NMR will be used by up to 300 students, over 80 STEM majors, and 25 summer NSF-REU students.  It will be housed in our NMR facility next to the new 400, and will also have a 16-sample changer.  Some classes that will use to new NMR include Sophomore Organic Lab, Senior Physical Chem Lab, Bioanalytical Lab, and Senior Organic Spectroscopy.
May 2013
Jaime Bernstein, chemistry and Spanish major delivers 2013 commencement speech
» complete news story
Anna Kahkoska, a biochemistry senior working for Rob Doyle, was awarded Capstone Honors Thesis of the year for Science and Engineering at the Honors Convocation May 10th.
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Karin Ruhlandt receives Fulbright award to further her research and to guest lecture in Austria.
Jaime Bernstein (Chemistry) and Anna Kahkoska (Biochemistry), undergraduate students working in Robert Doyle's lab, have been named as 2013 Syracuse University Scholars, the highest undergraduate academic honor bestowed at the University.» complete news story
April 2013
Leann Miles and Allison Roberts, (biochemistry majors) are two of the 35 students who have both been chosen as Remembrance Scholars for 2013-14.
Susan Flynn receives travel grant from Eli Lilly/WCC to attend the ACS meeting in Indianapolis.
Korrie Mack, undergraduate biochemistry student working in Ivan Korendovych's lab! She has been awarded a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, as well as the Norma Slepecky Undergraduate Research Prize.
Wenjie Wu, chemistry graduate student working in Dr. Maye's lab won the "IPMI Colt Refining Student Award", an international award from the International Precious Metal Institute (IPMI). This award is awarded to a top graduate student who uses precious metals in their research that have direct applications in industry. She will receive the award in June at the IPMI conference in Phoenix.
Prof. Maye to Receive Teaching Recognition Award at a reception on Monday, April 22nd along with six other faculty members at the University. "Dr. Maye has a very innovative approach to teaching both undergraduate and graduate students, making a tremendous difference for students."
Prof. Zubieta to receive the 2013 College of Arts and Sciences Wasserstrom Prize Award. The prize is awarded in memory of English Professor William Wasserstrom to a faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences who exemplifies outstanding success teaching graduate students. » complete news story
Colleen Alexander receives the Division of Inorganic Chemistry ACS Young Investigator Award for her work on the use of gold nanoparticles for drug delivery in cancer chemotherapy. Colleen will present her research findings at the Young Investigator Symposium at the National ACS meeting to be held in Indianapolis in the Fall of 2013. Colleen's research project is coadvised by Profs. Maye and Dabrowiak.
Peter Rosado-Flores received First Place for his presentation at the Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference in Science, Technology,Engineering and Mathematics in Washington, DC earlier this month. complete news story
March 2013
Prof. Maye will be awarded TACNY's Young Technologist of the Year Award and Prof. Doyle TACNY's College Technology Educator of the Year award (TACNY - Technology Alliance of Central New York)
Laurence Nafie to receive Pittcon Award for Spectroscopy » complete news story
February 2013
Prof.James Spencer along with four others will receive the Chancellor's Citation for Excellence on Monday, April 1. Spencer has been cited for his "outstanding scholarship, superlative teaching, extensive community engagement and commitment to the University community." » complete news story