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Staff Directory

Main Office, 1-014 Center for Science and Technology

April LePage

April LePage
Operations Specialist, Chemistry

Jodi Randall

Jodi Randall
Graduate Coordinator, Chemistry

Elizabeth Molloy

Elizabeth Molloy
Undergraduate Coordinator, Chemistry

Anne Dovciak

Anne Dovciak
Lab Supervisor, Chemistry

Gary Bonomo

Gary Bonomo
Lab Supervisor, Chemistry

Chemistry Financial Offices, 1-008/1-006 Center for Science and Technology

Deborah Maley

Deborah Maley
Budget Administrator, Chemistry

Allison Piccioni

Allison Piccioni
Financial Coordinator, Chemistry

Facilities Personnel

Steve Rich

Steve Rich
Stockroom Manager, Chemistry

Sally Prasch

Sally Prasch
Glassblower, Chemistry

Michael Brandt

Michael Brandt
Electronics Engineer, Chemistry

Deborah Kerwood, Ph.D.

Deborah Kerwood, Ph.D.
Lab Manager - NMR Facility, Chemistry