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Research: Graduate

Graduate Research

The Department of Chemistry has more than 60 PhD students researching a wide range of topics.  From recombinant protein expression and cellular imaging, to organometallic synthesis and catalysis, to materials design and terahertz spectroscopy, the department can suit a wide range of student interests.  Graduate students are supported by a number of University fellowships, grant sponsored research assistantships (RAs) from the NSFNIHACS, and AFOSR, as well as Department fellowships as teaching assistants (TAs).  

Our graduate students have been exceptionally successful over the past few years, including being featured in high-impact peer-reviewed publications, grant awards, and conference presentations. Many of our PhD alumni are now faculty members at universities and colleges across the nation, or have positions as postdoctoral fellows in academia as well as industry and government. 

Interested in graduate research at SU? If you are a prospective student please fill our our preliminary applications and start the process. If you are a new graduate student start early in your fall semester and find a faculty member of works in an area that interests you. Read a few of their papers, and then set-up an appointment with them to get started.