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Organic Chemistry


OrganicOngoing research in organic chemistry includes all aspects of synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry, as well as strong interdisciplinary efforts at the interface of biological, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Some current areas of investigation include:
  • the development of new synthetic methods for the preparation of complex molecules;
  • the preparation of polymers and other materials for potential use in biological applications, as optical devices, and as catalysts;
  • organometallic chemistry, including the development and application of new catalysts and the preparation of molecular wires;
  • the characterization and exploitation of natural product biosynthesis;
  • physical organic chemistry including the mechanistic study of sigmatropic rearrangements;
  • spectroscopy and reaction dynamics;
  • the total synthesis of natural products having interesting biological properties

These research experiences are enhanced by the "hands-on" availability of a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation, giving researchers an in-depth understanding of both the operational and conceptual tools used by organic chemists. Further, students in organic chemistry benefit from a curriculum featuring courses in reaction mechanisms, synthesis, and spectroscopic techniques, as well as specialized offerings in bioorganic chemistry and other topics. Our students' experience is broadened by an active Departmental colloquium series that hosts distinguished scientists in all areas of chemistry. 

Faculty with a Primary Interest in Organic Chemistry

• John Chisholm • Michael B. Sponsler   Davoud Mozhdehi
• Nancy I. Totah • James Hougland
• James Kallmerten • John Baldwin (emeritus)
• Yan-Yeung Luk Rachel Steinhardt

Faculty with a Secondary Interest in Organic Chemistry

• Robert Doyle

Graduate Course Offerings in Organic Chemistry

CHE 575 - Organic Spectroscopy

CHE 676 - Introduction to Organic Synthesis: Methodology

CHE 614 - Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

CHE 685 - Organic Mechanisms

CHE 627 - Organic Chemistry of Biological Molecules

CHE 686 - Advanced Organic Synthesis: Design

CHE 675 - Advanced Organic Chemistry

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