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Research: Undergraduate

Getting Started

The department of Chemistry has a number of undergraduate research opportunities available. These hands on experiences range from theoretical and experimental physical chemistry, to materials and organic synthesis, and discovery of new biochemistry in cells and drugs. Research can be taken for credit via CHE 450 or BCM 460 independent studies, or as summer positions & fellowships.

A number of students work on long-term projects, including a; Senior Thesis, Honors Thesis, or Capstone Project. Undergrads in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology and Engineering majors participate in research in the Chemistry Department. Many of our alumni have presented their research at national conferences, like ACS, or are co-authors on prestigious peer-reviewed publications. Many of our researchers go on to do great things as PhD students at Universities across the nation, or turn to Industry and Medical School.

Our undergraduate researchers have been exceptionally successful over the past few years, with many being awarded NSF Graduate FellowshipsAmgen FellowshipsBeckman FellowshipsAstronaut Fellowships, and NSF REU and iREU fellowships.

Interested in research? Start early, and find a faculty member who works in an area that interests you. Read a few of their papers, and then set-up an appointment with them to get started.

The following faculty are accepting students on a space-by-space basis into their labs this fall (2018):

Prof. James Hougland
Prof. Bruce Hudson
Prof. Joseph Chaiken
Prof. Mathew Maye
Prof. Olga Makhlynets
Prof. Bruce Hudson
Prof. Davoud Mozhdehi
Prof. Rachel Steinhart
Prof. Ivan Korendovych