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Undergraduate Studies


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CHE 103: Chemistry in the Modern World

CHE 106: General Chemistry Lecture I

CHE 107: General Chemistry Laboratory I

CHE 109: General Chemistry Lecture I (Honors and Majors)

CHE 113: Forensic Science

CHE 116: General Chemistry Lecture II

CHE 117: General Chemistry Laboratory II

CHE 119: General Chemistry Lecture II (Honors and Majors)

CHE 129: General Chemistry Laboratory I (Honors and Majors)

CHE 139: General Chemistry Laboratory II (Honors and Majors)

CHE 275: Organic Chemistry I

CHE 276: Organic Chemistry I Laboratory

CHE 325: Organic Chemistry II

CHE 326: Organic Chemistry II Laboratory

CHE 335: Chemical and Biochemical Analysis with Laboratory

CHE 346: Physical Chemistry

CHE 347: Physical-Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

CHE 356: Physical Chemistry

CHE 357: Physical Chemistry Laboratory

CHE 400: Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory

CHE 411: Inorganic Chemistry

CHE 412: Metals in Medicine

CHE 414: Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

CHE 422: Inorganic Laboratory Technique

CHE 425: Crystallography

CHE 427: Organic Chemisty of Biological Molecules

CHE 436: Advanced Physical Chemistry

CHE 444: Forensic Chemical Analysis

CHE 450: Introduction to Chemical Research   » Download Proposal Form

CHE 474: Structural and Physical Biochemistry

CHE 477: Preparation and Analysis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

CHE 499: Honors Capstone Project

CHE 533: The Science and Artisanship of Glass

CHE 546: Molecular Spectroscopy and Structure

CHE 575: Organic Spectroscopy


BCM 460: Research in Biochemistry   » Download Proposal Form

BCM 475: Biochemistry I 

BCM 476: Biochemistry II 

BCM 477: Preparation and Analysis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids

BCM 484: Biomolecular Modeling   

BCM 499: Honors Capstone Project